Why Hire a CPA

Why Hire a CPA

Protect your business and personal finances by hiring a CPA today.


  • 1. CPAs have undergone rigorous academic and professional training.
  • 2. CPAs stay ahead of the curve with mandatory continuing professional development.
  • 3. CPAs are agile and can apply their knowledge and skill to areas outside accounting.
  • 4. CPAs are your strategic partners, enabling you and your organization to achieve long-term financial goals.


New employers

  1. Register for an Employer account with CPA Ontario and start posting job opportunities in 4 simple steps:
  2. Click Register now and complete the online form.
  3. Sign-in to your employer account and select your job posting product.
  4. Complete your job posting information by filling in the online form provided.
  5. Select 'Add to cart' and complete checkout payment process.

Existing employers

If you have already registered for an employer account and wish to post a new job opportunity, follow the steps outlined below.

  1. Sign-in to your employer account. If already signed in, please click here to pick your job posting product.
  2. Once you’ve selected a product, please complete the job details and proceed to checkout.

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